Personally speak to a doctor online, and ask questions about your health. Telehealth makes it seamless for you to get professional medical help 24/7. Simply hop on a call with an experienced practitioner, and get the desired help instantly.

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Instant Access to Appointments

Running out of prescriptions? Cant get to your local doctor? Worry no more, we’ve got you covered. We can instantly send a prescription to your mobile or to your choice of pharmacy.

Expert Doctors

With 17 years of experience, our senior GPs, who are supervisors and principals of their practices, you don’t have anything to worry about. Your problems will be dealt with according to the best guidelines available and the best possible treatment will be given to you and your family.

Complimentary Services

In addition to medical advice, instant scripts and medical certificates, our team is also able to assist with pathology and radiology referrals, as well as advice for medical cannabis and skin care.

Not everyone wants to speak to a practitioner via video such as Zoom or FaceTime. That’s why you’re given the choice. You can open up to your doctor personally online via either audio OR video call.

Instant Scripts E-Mailed to You.

Just after the consultation, medical scripts are sent to you securely via email. You can even choose to repeat your prescription seamlessly for next time. Or you can easily book a new GP consultation anytime you need.

Not Everyone Wants Medical Advice – We Hear You

Not Everyone Wants Medical Advice

Besides helping you get better with the right recommendations and advice, we’re also well aware that many patients want medical certificates online. Within just 3 days, we’ll deliver your medical certificate to your door.

TeleHealth Provides Additional Services to Serve You Where We Can

In addition to medical advice and checkups, we also help you with pathology, radiology, medical cannabis, and skin care. We can assist you via referrals or directly help you. Hop on the call to let us know how you want to be helped, and we’ll walk alongside you until you get better.

17 Years of Credibility

We’ve been here for a long while – and plan to help you as long as forever. After 17 years – continuously helping everyone who comes to us – we can proudly say that TeleHealth is the only healthcare service provider you’ll ever need. Hop on the call to see for yourself.

You Don’t Need to Wait a Second

Instantly hop on a call whenever you want. No waiting list or long queues – like traditional physical visit. Simply click on the Book Consultation button below, and you’ll be virtually taken to the doctor now. Seeing A Doctor And Getting Instant Scripts And Medical Certificates Has Never Been More Convenient. Book Your Doctors Appointment Online Today.

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Watch the video below to help you understand how you can book a consultation. It takes less than a minute. Before you know it, you’ll be speaking to the doctor via audio or video call.

100% Safe and Secure

All payments are encrypted. All bills are straightforward and transparent. No surprises. Instantly generate scripts or check your medical history with us. All 1-1 video conversations, audio calls, and chats are completely private. Everything is kept between you and the medical professional. No exceptions, zero compromises.

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How TeleHealth Doctor Works

Our Health Services

We Provide Experienced Telehealth Care, Australia Wide. Whether You Prefer A Video Or Tele-Consultation, Our Team Of GPs Are Ready To Help, 7 Days A Week.

Who are we?

TeleHealth is a digital healthcare agency, providing telehealth services to everyone in Australia. We successfully leverage the power of technology, to help every Aussie get seamless medical help instantly. We’re sharing the shoulder of the telehealth industry to make healthcare easier, affordable, and accessible for everyone.

What makes us a better choice over others is the reputation we’ve earned by working in the industry for over 17 years. Everyone here at TeleHealth, works with the same goal in mind: to make healthcare seamless for every Aussie. And that has helped us stay true to every patient that comes to us with the hope and trust – to get better, feel good, and become healthy.

It’s true that tools, methods, and processes always remain the same throughout any healthcare provider – but what makes us unique is the vision we have in our hearts for everyday people.

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